Management Services

Empower entrepreneurs & business principals to get back to the business of doing business

As business owners ourselves, we at Jane Cathcart & Associates fully understand the difficulties facing clients on a day-to-day basis.Whether you have a start-up or a long established firm, you can benefit from outsourcing your book-keeping and payroll function: it allows the entrepreneur or business principal to get back to the business of doing business.

Payroll Services


Changes to the PAYE/PRSI system have resulted in an extremely complicated calculation process. Again, significant penalties can be levied by the Revenue for non-compliance with legislation. We use one of the leading software packages on the market together with highly-experienced and qualified personnel to operate our payroll bureau.

Book-Keeping Services

Industry-standard book-keeping software systems
  • Posting of all prime entry records (sales invoices, purchase invoices, payments, receipts)
  • All bank accounts fully reconciled
  • Debtors and creditors ledgers
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reporting, including variance analysis

Annual budgets and cashflow reports are among our most important management tools, as well as monitoring via book-keeping and accounting services. The latest software and hardware are integral parts of our business and we are constantly investing. All our data is securely stored on-site and for your peace of mind, we also use secure offsite back-up as a matter of course. At Jane Cathcart & Associates, we make outsourcing easy.

Why outsource?

Missing Revenue filing deadlines may lead to interest and penalties which are avoided by professional outsourcing.

  • No in-house accounting/payroll department required
  • Fully secure back-ups

Customer Care and Service

As an Accountants & Business Advisors in Dublin, our clients range in size and sophistication, as do our accountancy services.

Responding Quickly

We ensure that our clients receive prompt attention and we give a commitment to all our clients that all aspects of the work we do is completed quickly and efficiently

Client Relationship

Keeping in regular contact with our clients greatly enhances a better understanding of our client’s business and therefore helps them to receive better advice and value for money.

Competitive fees

We make it an important part of our overall service to ensure that our clients understand the basis of how our fees are calculated.

Other Services

Additionally, we offer services in the preparation of business plans and cash flow and profit forecasts. In order to help you keep control of your spending (which we all know is important in these times), we also help to establish budgetary and financial controls. Contact us to learn of our comprehensive management services and relieve all your payroll and book-keeping worries.

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